Hi! My name is Monica Shulman. I am a self-taught photographer living in New York City – one of the most fascinating places in the world. Chessa is a childhood nickname and she is my much bolder, braver and somewhat fearless alter ego.

About Ciao, Chessa!

I first started this blog to supplement my professional photography website because I wanted a place to talk about my photography work and projects. Eventually it grew into a wonderful and fun dialogue about art and photography, in general, my life as a Corporate Dropout (I am an almost completely recovered former Corporate lawyer), stuff I like, stuff that inspires me, stuff that annoys me, living in New York City, family, music, travel, design and other fabulous and delightful things.

About My Work

I take pictures because I love to hold on to memories. I think that the world exists beyond the bounds of what we can see and I am always searching for those moments that may be familiar but are also unexpected. I take my camera with me every where I go (even if it’s to the supermarket for milk and I’m wearing my pajamas under my coat…true fact). My choice of what to photograph comes from an intuitive place and it’s fueled by a truly insatiable curiosity to take part in the stories that unfold around me.

Thanks for visiting! Enjoy!

PS–I love getting emails from readers, so please don’t be shy and contact me at either info@monicalshulman.com or ciaochessa@gmail.com

.Camuflaje Eficaz.

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